I’m closely following the trend of the moment in the CBD market: the controversial flowers! And so? Can or can not?

In the last month, a series of reports and articles have been bringing up a subject that is, to say the least, controversial in all spheres: the dried flowers of CBD; that has been gaining more and more space in the Brazilian market. I usually talk about sports here in my column, but I thought it was important to bring some insights on this subject to the table as well, since we are in a small market, but one that is growing by leaps and bounds.

When we are talking about oil, cream, gel, ointment, suppository, deodorant, shampoo, moisturizer, poultices, nasal spray, it seems that everyone accepts it without question. Of course, there are one or two comments about the presence of Delta 9 in products; some people prefer not to risk it and stay isolated or in the broadspectrum, others research deeper and bet on the Entourage Effect. So why when we talk about flowers does it seem like we are talking about something forbidden? If it is the same substance, then why do we see so much controversy and even discussion about whether there is medicinal benefit in this form of consumption? In my view, the answer is simple, and it is what I like to call: cultural inertia.

You see, doctors are not prescribing flowers for their patients with the intention of being smoked, that is the first point. The prescriptions are for vaporization, that is, the patient necessarily needs to have a device that will not carbonize the dried flower, but heat it to the point of sublimation so that the cannabinoids are released from the flower and can be inhaled. The pulmonary route of administration has direct access to the bloodstream, and as a rescue tool (for a quick effect), it is considered one of the most effective.

The second point is the discussion of recreational x medicinal. From what I’ve seen in the media lately, it seems that if CBD is inhaled it “lose all medicinal properties and becomes something just for fun” - i.e. if taking the oil is for health, but if inhaling…. Ah, then it became a party! Guys, in my view, and being very objective, this market only exists because doctors are prescribing it. This health professional has the autonomy to decide the most appropriate treatment for each patient, they have studied for many years (and many still continue to study their entire lives), and only he can define whether treatment with CBD is suitable for that patient. And we all know that each person is a Universe, with its physical issues, emotional traumas, and ever-evolving personal growth. Therefore, if the physician decides that the inhaled route is the most suitable for that specific patient, this is what makes the substance that will be administered medicinal.

What makes CBD medicinal is the doctor, not the substance!

The discussion should not revolve around the plant, but scientific research, clinical studies and articles that have science as a basis for treating the human body. At this time, we must put aside the stigma of the media, the culture of marijuana, and what we see in the mainstream about the plant and trust the doctors. When we are going to build a house, we trust the architect and the engineer 100%; when we make a website, we trust the developer 100%, when we fly by plane, the same happens to the pilot, and so on. That is, we have qualified professionals for each area of society. We have a body that regulates the importation of CBD products and qualified health professionals to decide whether the treatment is appropriate for that patient or not.

Therefore, here is my small contribution to this discussion: that the focus be on training health professionals and especially on investments in quality research, with scientific validity and that can make a small contribution to science; which is exactly what we are already doing with several other substances found in nature.

May science be our guiding star, not private or public interests, and may health be our final objective - and what we can use to improve it, one more weapon available to doctors in this arsenal towards improving the quality of human life.